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Traditional banks are slow, inefficient and not digital
— we are different.

How it works.

Get your Personal Account activated in minutes and Business Account – in just 48 hours*.

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    Sign up for Account

    Sign up for an Account in our MobileApp or on our website and complete the registration form

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    Online Verification

    Your Idenity and Business Details are verified online via our Web- or Mobile App

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    Account Activation

    Your Account is activated and you are ready to manage your finances with your new BankBee Account

* – Estimate only, processing times may differ depending on various factors.

Discover how BankBee helps Businesses and Individuals around the world

Business Banking
by BankBee.

Business Account for SMEs and Freelancers

Everything your Business needs to pay the bills, receive payments, make payouts to your team and all of that in just one account – BankBee Business

BankBee Bespoke. Tech-Empowered Banking

Agile, flexible and highly customisable platform for Enterprises and Large Corporates digital banking and payments solutions

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